Student visa
USA & Canada
Schengen Countries

Visitor visa
Australia (Business, Tourist, Spouse, Family sponsor &Medical)
USA & Canada (Business, Tourist, Spouse, Family sponsor & Medical)
Schengen Countries (Business, Tourist, Spouse, Family sponsor & Medical)
UK (Business, Tourist, Spouse, Family sponsor & Medical)

Immigration visa
Australia, USA & Canada
Above rate is for a single person and for each additional member 20% will be added.

Student Visa – Admission & Processing
Australia: Offer and COE

Canada: Offer and Acceptance

UK: Offer and CAS
USA: Offer and Enrollment

# University of Manitoba
# University-New Brunswick
# University of Prince Edward
# Memorial University of Newfoundland
#Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Our consultancy is headed by some of the experienced educationalists working for more than 5 years,

Innovative Formative Assessment Process to recruit potential students.
01. Commitment to Professional Standards in Recruitment: At this stage, we find out the motivation of the student i.e. enthusiasm higher studies.

Entry Qualifications: We evaluate student’s previous academic records whether he is admissible to his preferred subject and university.
English Language Requirements: We recruit students having the required score in TOEFL or, IELTS. Alternatively, our language experts take English Language Level Test whether they qualify for ESL or, Bridging program.